Cultural events

KOLOTAN organizes many cultural events throughout the year. From storytelling to poetry recitation to music and dance events, from sit-and-draw to theater workshop, from puppetry to pottery; KOLOTAN organizes season and occasion appropriate events encouraging the rural population to take part and gain social awareness through the process.  

Bhasha Dibosh: The annual observance of International Mother Language Day is done to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and promote multilingualism. In our effort to make our students global yet local, we try to imbibe the appreciation of their mother tongue. Since Bengali is the mother tongue of all the pupils of Kolotan, the teachers and pupils come together to celebrate the Bengali language through using, dance, poetry, skits and drama.

Anandamela: Since we are a secular institution we do not promote any religious rituals at the school. But we celebrate the essence of education through Anandamela. Children come together in celebration with music and dance.

Basant Utsav: With the arrival of spring the pupils of Kolotan come together in the joyous celebration of colours. The teachers and students dance and sing in the laps of nature. They smear floral dust on each other and their parents and teachers and embrace the advent of spring amidst the greenery.

Barshabaran Utsav: Keeping in line with our ideology of making our pupils global citizens, we try our best to make sure that they do not lose touch with their roots. This is the reason behind celebrating the Bengali New Years festival so that the pride of being a Bengali is imbibed in them.

Rabindra Jayanti: The students and teachers of Kolotan celebrate the birth of Kabiguru with music, dance, recitation from his plethora of creations. We proudly celebrate his contribution to the world. His idea of being a global Bengali is something we strive to imbibe among the students and their guardians.

Eid Utsav: The students come together irrespective of their religion in the celebration of unity and togetherness where we sing songs and feed sweets to each other. The feeling of oneness is further promoted with the spontaneous embracing of each other.

Sharadotsav: With the coming of autumn as we welcome the season of falls, the children come together in celebration through music and dance. The nip in the air, the anticipation of the forthcoming holidays, and the following festivities brings the students in a celebratory mood which they spontaneously express through their creativity.

Annual Program and Winter Celebrations: As the year comes to an end, so does our academic session. We reflect on the year gone by and look forward to the upcoming winter celebration and anticipate the arrival of a wonderful new year. The children express their creative skills through music and dance, and bid goodbye to their friends until they meet next year for a fresh start.

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